Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona
Translated by Alexandra Doumas
Foinikas Publications, 2012


Lovely Araethyrea and the Phliasia chora

Phliasian wine and the Nemean Games

Memories from the remote past

Herakleion – Archaia Nemea

The people of the Phliasia chora

Wine-loving Herakles and wine-serving Hebe

Ancient Cleonae and the temple of Herakles

Divine ‘plant protection’ at Phlious and Cleonae

Agios Georgios, the Polyphengos of the Middle Ages

In February prune, examine not the moon

The erstwhile Phliasia chora under foreign domination

The Columns: Many admired them, passersby. One fell in love with them and stayed near them

Τhe wine of Agios Georgios in texts of foreign travellers in the 19th century

Agiorgitiko wine in the 19th century

The wine of Nemea in the 20th century

The wine Appellation of Origin Nemea

The Agiorgitiko grape

Nemean Wine

Wine Protected Designation of Origin Nemea