Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona

Table of contents

Nobody blinded the Cyclops, but nobody got him drunk

The Pramneios and the pramnian wines

The Byblinos wine of Hesiod

The two protropos wines

Aegosthenites: the wine of Megaris

The wines anthosmias and saprias

Satire of wine tasting

The wine of the Phliasia Chora

Red and black wines: Diachronic processes of winemaking

The tethalassomenoi wines: the use of salt in winemaking

The law of Thasos for the protection of the vinegrowers

The kapneios ampelos and the kapnias wine. The fumigation of wines

Vintage without lenos

The oenotechnical definitions of Hesychius

The pressing of the marc without a press

The interpretation of Dionysiac viticultural myths

Phytoprotection in the vineyards of ancient Mende

Viticultural themes based on the Geography of Strabo

The ampelos of Lemnos

Wine and herbs in the Land of Pan